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NSTC, a French Corporation based in Paris, France, is a service company specialized in business development in the North-African countries, especially in Libya.

NSTC’s international team of professionals has years of experience in Trade, Joint-Ventures and Licensing, in the fields of Commodities, Food products, Manufacturing and Engineering.

NSTC offers Consultancy services on a retainer or time and expenses fee basis and Commercial Agency for a commission on sales.

NSTC assistance cuts down sales costs, prevents costly errors and gives an immediate expert knowledge of the new markets, assessing their risks and opportunities.

NSTC’s Consulting services includes:

  • Presentation of trade and investment possibilities.
  • Selection of local business associates (agent, distributor, joint-venture partner)
  • Introduction to private sector buyers.
  • Registration with public entities for the participation to international tenders.
  • For firms needing to establish a local commercial branch, assistance for corporate registration, presentation of reliable local law/accounting firms, finding offices and qualified personnel.
  • Information on taxation, and transfer of funds received for contract payments.
  • Assistance for the execution of contracts (export documentation, certified translation of documents in Arabic, letters of credit, inspection of goods, shipping agent etc...)
  • Support for visas, hotel reservation, local transportation.